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Plus I don’t want guys pushing themselves on my wife to be!One definition of idealism states, “conforming to an ultimate standard of perfection of excellence; the idea of something that is perfect; something that one hopes to attain.” While idealism is a highly romantic notion, it is universally shared by people that are waiting, religious or otherwise.Others that are inspired by you will hopefully go on to inspire their own children and friends. If you know yourself then it’s highly unlikely that you’ll feel the need to seek out sexual relationships for a pick me up.Having control over your image is a powerful thing indeed.

Dedicating one’s life to an ideal — especially one that aims to make another person feel so special — is a very unique and selfless choice.

He argues that the “very stupid human craving for certainty and justification”, not religion, is to blame for this violence, and that atheism is becoming just as dogmatic as religion.

In order to support his thesis, Liddle presents numerous examples of actions and words by atheists which he argues are direct parallels of religious attitudes.

While this may seem very similar to idealism it is really the essence of the ideal mind. It is the romance, the true love, the life partner; these things all sing poetry. When we see elderly couples holding hands we can’t help but sigh.

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It is comforting to see two people, so in love, after so much time.He characterizes Atkins and Dawkins as “fundamentalist atheists” and “evangelists”. Department of Energy National Laboratory focused on particle physics, as a “temple to science”, and characterizes Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species as a “sacred text” for atheists.